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NYC Council Expands Employer Obligations for Reasonable Accommodations
The New York City Council passed an amendment to the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) that increases employer obligations when an employee requests a reasonable accommodation.

The NYC Minimum Wage Hike is going to screw over workers.
One in two New York City workers may soon be underemployed and in economic pain. The city is now teeming with a vast hidden underclass of underemployed workers who don’t show up in official government statistics: More than 1.6 million people, or a staggering 45 percent of the local labor force, are struggling because they don’t have enough hours in their work week, according to a new report by the Robin Hood Poverty Tracker in association with Columbia University.

Minimum wage hikes sending restaurants the way of the shopping mall?
Eighteen states raised their minimum wages at the start of 2018, but increasing labor costs are strangling the dining industry so much that restaurants could soon face the same fate as shopping malls.

More Than 1,200 Fast-Food Workers Are Organizing in NYC
A new group, Fast Food Justice, is fighting for livable wages and employee rights

Free Seminar: Why Lawyers Kill Commercial Real Estate Deals and How to Spot a Bad Deal in Advance
Seminar Description: Are you tired of spending countless hours showing a property and negotiating a deal, only to have lawyers get involved and kill the transaction? How can this be avoided? This seminar is designed to assist commercial real estate brokers identify problematic deal terms before their time is wasted.

Indian Restaurant Served Up Fine for Hiring Practices
An Indian restaurant in Midtown was hit with a $5,000 fine for its attempts to hire an "experienced Indian waiter or waitress" using an ad on Craigslist. The city's Commission on Human Rights filed a complaint against the eatery (which has since closed) claiming the ad was in violation of law which prohibits hiring based on national origin.

New Report Sheds Light on Increased Cleanliness of NYC Restaurants
A recent report from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene shows that restaurants around the city are performing better on inspection and are cleaner than ever. 95% of restaurants now earn A grades.

New York Health Officials Oppose Allowing Dogs At Restaurants
Legislation is moving ahead that would allow pet owners to have their dogs at outdoor dining areas, but the New York City Department of Health is urging lawmakers to reject the proposal citing health and safety concerns.

"Cover Charge" for 1WTC Restaurant Criticized
Visitors to One, the restaurant atop 1 World Trade Center, have to pay $32 just to walk in. Since the eatery is located within the Observatory on the 100th-102nd floors of the building, tickets are required to enter.

Restaurants Are Being Forced Out By Rising Rents
As 10- and 15-year leases come up for renewal, neighborhoods have vastly changed, and even prominent restaurants are facing exponential rent increases and possible closure or relocation.

Are Two Restaurant Logos Too Similar? Depends On Who You Ask
Union Square Cafe owners found the logo for Lincoln Square Steak too close for comfort. A cease-and-desist letter did not have much effect.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Now Law for NY Restaurants
The New York State legislature has passed a law making carbon monoxide detectors mandatory in restaurants throughout the state after a Suffolk County man died as the result of inhalation of the toxic gas.

F.D.A. to Require Calorie Count, Even for Popcorn at the Movies
In another push back against obesity in America, the F.D.A. has mandated that chain restaurants and movie theaters post calorie counts for food sold in the establishments.

Williamsburg Residents Oppose Liquor License for New Sing Sing Location
Brooklyn residents are not in favor of New York State granting the Sing Sing Karaoke Bar a liquor license for their new location.

Port Chester Restaurant Boss Kept $35G from Workers, A.G. Says
A New York restaurant owner has been arraigned in her local court for violating wage and hour laws between 2010 and 2014.

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