Liquor License Applications

The process of obtaining a liquor license is time consuming and complex.  We can help.  We educate our clients with respect to the multitude of requirements and restrictions governing liquor licenses (and permits for beer & wine, catering permit, etc.) within the State of New York, and what information and documentation is necessary to complete the application.  

If an application requires an appearance before the local community board or an appearance before the New York State Liquor Authority, we will be there, and we will ensure that the client is fully prepared for any questions that might be asked.  It is this level of personal involvement that distinguishes DiPasquale & Summers from other law firms.  We genuinely care about our clients and will do everything we can to ensure our clients' success.

Attorney Self-Certification Program for Liquor License Applications

The New York State Liquor Authority allows attorneys to "self-certify" liquor license applications which, as you can imagine, can speed up the process of obtaining your liquor license. 

Transferring a Liquor License in New York

Contrary to popular belief, in New York, there is no such thing as “transferring” a liquor license; licenses cannot be sold or passed on to a new owner. The State Liquor Authority only uses the term “transfer” to distinguish between applications where a licensed establishment is selling its business or business assets to a new operator, from applications where an operator seeks a license for a location that is not currently licensed. Regardless of the designation given to an application, the process is essentially the same.  There is, however, one notable exception.  Would be operators who purchase a licensed business (or its assets) in New York City may apply for a Temporary Retail Permit which will allow them to serve alcohol while their application for a permanent license is pending.   

If you are a looking to obtain a liquor license for a restaurant, bar, lounge or nightclub in New York, call DiPasquale & Summers for a free consultation at (646) 343-4607.


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