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Friday, August 29, 2014

Boozy Brunch Might Lead to Loss of Liquor License

Earlier in the year, there was some controversy regarding the legality of the ever popular bottomless brunch in New York City.  On Saturdays and Sundays a large number of New Yorkers attend all you can eat brunches that also include unlimited alcohol.  Now, one NYC hot spot might be losing its liquor license due to problems resulting from its booze-filled brunch.

Pranna Restaurant on 28th and Madison offers a $45 brunch that includes unlimited alcoholic drinks such as mimosas and sangria.  Residents of the area are claiming that this is causing a major problem in the neighborhood.  They allege that the excessive drinking is resulting in customers leaving the restaurant belligerent or being escorted out because of severe intoxication.  The patrons are unable to walk, throwing up and urinating in the street, lying down on the sidewalk, sitting in the street and fighting.  Residents also say that the restaurant is creating excessive noise and the customers are littering in the area.  Many of the complaints have been documented by residents using photographs and video recordings.  Residents also claim that the restaurant is operating as a nightclub with a club atmosphere and cabaret girls.  If Pranna was a nightclub this might not be such a big problem.  But, the establishment is a restaurant is not authorized to operate as a nightclub.

The local community has had enough and a Community Board meeting was scheduled.  The issue at hand was the renewal of Pranna’s liquor license and community members were given a chance to present their concerns.  The Board decided to give the restaurant three months to clean up their act.  If the situation is remedied during this time the establishment will be able to keep their liquor license.  If the problems continue, their liquor license renewal will be denied and their license will be revoked.  The restaurant owner presented a list of approximately 100 other NYC restaurants that offer a bottomless brunch but stated that he would do whatever it takes to keep his liquor license.

The DiPasquale Law Group has represented many NYC restaurants, bars and other establishments in applying for their liquor license as well as in the appeal of the denial or revocation of such.   If you own an NYC establishment and are having an issue relating to your liquor license, call us at (646)383-4607 for a consultation today. 

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